Company Overview

Accelerating Discovery in Life Sciences
Pharmaceutical companies face many challenges in developing new drugs, getting them approved and into the market as quickly as possible. Drug developers must track timely production of these drugs and keep the pipeline filled with the most promising candidates for regulatory approval. Keeping doomed-to-fail drugs in the production pipeline wastes precious resources - including scientists equipment and dollars that could be allocated to more promising investment opportunities.

IO Informatics software provides scientists in pharmaceutical and biotechnology research better tools to optimize the, mining, analysis and management of life science data.

IO Informatics products allow users to assemble, view, analyze, and search disparate information in one environment at a fraction of the cost and time previously required.

The Sentient™ Suite integrates data, applications, databases and instruments into a single secure and compliant interoperable environment. Users can access, query and analyze data from many sources regardless of format and location, using existing hardware and information technology infrastructure.

IO Informatics' customers include leading biopharmaceutical research companies, as well as research institutes, universities, and government labs. Through innovative tools and commitment to customer satisfaction, the company is becoming a leader in the rapidly evolving field of life-science informatics.

Without programming, Sentient technology can be quickly adapted to deliver applications across different domains.

We offer:
Significant Cost Savings
Sentient offers lower up-front and total ownership costs for an immediate return on your invest-ment. Users need not spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on new middleware, software in-stallation, and server hardware to create informatics applications and integrate data. For a fraction of the cost, Sentient™ software can solve thorny business and bioinformatics problems with your existing software and hardware.

Easy Adoption with much less Time and Effort
Users need not spend hundreds of staff hours moving data to a central warehouse, dealing with database management headaches, and hiring consultants and programmers to query limited, out-dated datasets. For a fraction of the effort, customers can install and use the Sentient Suite on user portals, workstations, or even laptops.

Increased Capability

Solve urgent problems and gain business advantages through Sentient™ technology.

Access all data with a choice of cross-database query tools, define and integrate standards easily, structure unstructured data with point and click methods, automate data-driven corporate processes, all with byte-level security for reporting, exchange and collaboration.

Sentient software, based on the intelligent data concept, can solve problems posed by high data volume and complexity; diverse and distributed applications, data and networks; and the need to correlate and analyze global data while controlling instruments and processes in a real-time environment. Drawing on "data agency" technology, Sentient software products deliver improved speed, efficiency, security and status management across high-bandwidth information networks data and related process management, monitoring and mining, without new hardware expenses.

The Sentient Suite adds significant value in any data-intensive industry that needs to reduce the time and cost of product discovery, development and marketing.

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Located in Berkeley, CA, IO Informatics was founded in July of 2003, and is managed by visionary, seasoned leadership and top-tier developers, network architects and scientists.

The Sentient Suite adds significant value in any data-intensive industry that needs to reduce the time and cost of product discovery, development and marketing.