IO Informatics Quarterly Newsletter – Spring 2010

Market Trends

·         HP released a white paper highlighting Business Intelligence Trends and the New Generation of BI. In this whitepaper, HP listed ‘Semantic Technology’ among the top 10 BI trends for 2010. This business white paper focuses on the higher value/ big picture of the technology and does not contain details on semantic technology as a trend.  Semantic technologies are beginning to receive more of the much needed attention and accolades. The key to acceptance of any technology by business is always simplified marketing message and validation.


Articles & Publications

·         Dr. Erich Gombocz and Zack Rhoades, both of IO Informatics wrote a publication entitled, "Charting the Unknown: Capturing and Delivering Value From Understanding Complex Biological Responses." The article was published in the journal, American Biotechnology Laboratory 28 (3): (2010)


·         Vivien Marx of GenomeWeb recently wrote an article, which was published in Bioinform entitled, “Pfizer Partners with IO, Franz on Semantic Proof of Concept to Build Bridges Between Data Resources.” The article was based on a talk at the Conference on Semantics in Healthcare and Life Sciences (CSHALS) 2010 conference.


Upcoming Events

·         Franz / IO Informatics Webseminar
On April 15, 2009 IO and Franz will be hosting a web seminar highlighting the Sentient Suite/ Allegrograph 4 integration. Kashef Qaadri of IO Informatics and Jans Aasman of Franz, Inc. will be presenting.  Registration is required:


·         BioIT World
IO Informatics will be at the upcoming Bio-IT World conference in Boston, MA April 20 – 22. In addition to an exhibit booth (#211), IO will be displaying a poster entitled, “Applied Semantic Knowledgebases (ASK®): Confident decisions in personalized medicine using semantic biology models.” IO is a contender for several Bio-IT and CHI awards.


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