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EMERYVILLE, CA and Atlanta, GA March 28, 2006 —-- Winners of the CINF-IO Informatics Scholarship for Scientific Excellence were announced today at the 231st National ACS Meeting in Atlanta, GA, by sponsors IO Informatics, Inc. and the Division of Chemical Information (CINF) of the American Chemical Society (ACS). The CINF-IO scholarship rewards graduate students for scientific excellence in chemical information and related sciences. The scholarship is intended to foster students’ involvement in CINF and to provide access to informatics technology useful to the students’ research.

"This award supports the ongoing mission of the CINF Division by providing opportunities for career development based on recognition of scientific excellence,” said Osman F. Güner, Chair of the Division. “The CINF Division of ACS would like to thank IO Informatics for their partnership in the scholarship program, and also thanks each of the young scholars who submitted such excellent papers this year.”

Winning posters were marked “Winner of the CINF-IO Informatics Scholarship for Scientific Excellence” at the CINF poster session at SciMix. Each poster describes current research in cheminformatics and related sciences, focusing on the students’ work in the field. As with past awards, the winners were chosen based on relevance, content and presentation of abstracts submitted for the session.

Each winner will be honored at the CINF luncheon held on Tuesday, March 28th in conjunction with the ACS National Meeting in Atlanta. In addition, each will receive a $1,000 award and a one year license free-of-charge to IO Informatics Sentient software, for use by the student at their academic institution. The winners of this year’s award are:

  • Lorant Bodis         Laboratorium für Organische Chemie, ETH Zürich
  • Barun Bhhatarai   Chemistry Department, Clarkson University
  • Cheng Chang       Department of Pharmaceutics, University of Maryland at Baltimore
  • Xiao Dong            School of Informatics, Indiana University
  • Monika Rella         Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Leeds

    “Each of the winning posters represented impressive work. We are thrilled to reward presentations that describe innovative, rigorous research taking place at the intersection of chemistry, science and information technology,” said Patricia Rougeau, President & CEO of IO Informatics.

    About IO Informatics
    IO Informatics ( is revolutionizing software methods by developing intelligent agents that enable a multidimensional approach to data integration. Through the proprietary IMO (intelligent multidimensional object) and Sentient, an interactive software environment, IO Informatics enables medical, pharmaceutical, and other life science researchers to structure and define data relationships, view these relationships, query them, and capitalize on them — all within a secure, compliant, auditable framework that helps organizations accumulate and capitalize on research knowledge. IO Informatics is located in Emeryville, California.

    About CINF
    The Division of Chemical Information of the American Chemical Society is committed to providing leadership and an environment for the exchange of expertise among the producers and users of information in chemistry and related disciplines worldwide through high quality programs and through outreach, opportunities for career development, and recognition of excellence.