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BERKELEY, CA, – May 29, 2008 CHI’s Bio-IT World magazine chooses IO Informatics as the winner of “Best in Show – Life Science Informatics” for its Sentient Suite. Judged by a team of Bio-IT World magazine editors and highly regarded industry experts, Best of Show awards recognize new products which demonstrate exceptional technology innovation and value across life sciences research, discovery and clinical trials processes.

Phillips Kuhl, President of Cambridge Healthtech stated, “Congratulations goes out to IO Informatics for being chosen this year’s Best in Show winner for Life Science Informatics. Their Sentient “Knowledge Explorer” was selected from a host of other products based on its technical merit, functionality and innovation. We are always happy to have the opportunity to highlight such groundbreaking technology and encourage the advancement of tools for Life Science researchers. They, along with the winners in the other 3 categories, will be featured on the Bio-IT World website with additional coverage in an upcoming issue of the magazine. For complete coverage of the awards visit”

“We are honored to receive this year’s Best in Show award for our Sentient Knowledge Explorer,” said Bob Stanley, President and CEO of IO Informatics. “The Knowledge Explorer is an integral component of the Sentient Suite for Life Sciences Data Management and Integration. We have incorporated recent efforts from our Semantics in Life Sciences Working Group ( into the latest version of the Knowledge Explorer. By leveraging the latest semantic web technologies to integrate, model, visualize and explore data, scientists are able to easily integrate data, reveal networks and discover novel relationships using complex data sets from one or multiple sources. The result is an environment that greatly aids researchers in the task of biomarker discovery and characterization.”

The new technology takes results from virtually any data source, including files, database queries, formal ontologies and data in semantic formats, and imports and merges these in order to dynamically build knowledge within a common framework. Core enhancements of the system include the ability to connect directly to global data via URIs and to utilize multiple standards (RDF, N3, OWL, GO, ICD-10, OBO and others) in combination. The Knowledge Explorer also contains one or multiple thesauri for classes and relationships to resolve conflicts and harmonize on data import and merging.

About Bio-IT World
Bio-IT World (, the flagship publication of Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI -, is the leading source of news on technology and strategic innovation in drug discovery, development, and clinical trials. Bio-IT World explores the tools and results of predictive biology as the industry adapts to the new world of personalized medicine. Bio-IT World has won 34 national and regional awards, more than any other magazine covering the life sciences industry.

About IO Informatics
IO Informatics is at the forefront of a global revolution in software methods for data access and integration. IO Informatics’ Sentient suite of software products enables biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical and other life science researchers to structure and define complex data relationships, view these relationships, query them, and capitalize on them — all within a secure, compliant, auditable framework that helps organizations accumulate and leverage knowledge. Significant ”Knowledge Explorer” technology development occurred under NIST Advanced Technology Program (ATP), Award # 70NANB2H3009. Founded in 2003, IO Informatics is headquartered in Berkeley, California.