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BERKELEY, CA - October 28, 2008. Informatics, Inc. today announced changes to its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) including the addition of new members.

“We are delighted to announce our new SAB. IO Informatics and the Sentient software environment have evolved and matured considerably since we established our original SAB. We continue to grow and refine the groundbreaking technologies that will better help researchers overcome their data integration challenges. The recent changes to our SAB reflect our focus and will ensure we keep in step with cutting-edge new science and technology. This emphasizes our continuing commitment to interact with the scientific research community,” stated Dr. Erich Gombocz, VP and CSO of IO.

Gombocz went on to say, “We would like to thank the original SAB members Jim Golden, Stuart Marson, and Kelvin Lee for their contribution to our initial growth and very much appreciate their assistance in helping us get to this point. We also thank Bob Stevenson and Sangtae Kim for agreeing to remain active members of the SAB and welcome our new members, Jack Collins and Johann Bauer, to the new group. We are very excited about the new areas we are moving into and feel that their extensive experience and knowledge will help us with our growing vision and endeavors in both life sciences and healthcare informatics.”

The members of the new SAB are:

• Dr. Jack R. Collins: Manager of Scientific Computing and Program Development for the Advanced Biomedical Computing Center (operated by SAIC-Frederick) for the National Cancer Institute in Frederick, Maryland. The ABCC is dedicated to biomedical applications that especially pertain to cancer and AIDS, as well as work on high-performance algorithms for data-intensive computational biology problems in the areas of genomic analysis, pattern recognition in proteomics and imaging, and systems biology. Dr. Collins received his BA degree in mathematics from Park College with minors in physics and chemistry. His Ph.D. is in physical chemistry (theoretical quantum chemistry) from the U. of Nebraska at Lincoln. Prior to NCI, Dr. Collins worked at SRI International (1985 to 1989) and the Molecular Research Institute (1989 to 1992).

• Dr. Johann Bauer: Scientific Information Manager at the Max Plank Institute, Martinsried, Germany. Dr. Bauer received his PhD from University of Munich. Starting in 1983 at Martinsried, his research centered on Free Flow Electrophoresis (FFE) and preparative cell purification. From 1989 - 1991, he has been involved in research on cancer cell isolation and characterization working at the University Regensburg, Germany. Since 1991, Dr. Bauer has been working on the retrieval and evaluation of Scientific Information.

• Dr. Sangtae Kim: Executive Director, Morgridge Institute for Research, Madison Wisconsin. In addition to his executive role, he is engaged in cross-disciplinary research at the intersection of biotechnology and information sciences. Dr. Kim previously held executive positions at Lilly Research Laboratories and the Parke-Davis Pharma Research Division of Warner-Lambert Company and the Feddersen Professorship at Purdue University.

• Dr. Robert L. Stevenson: Founder and principal of the Abacus Group, which provides management assistance and business development for companies in separation sciences and analysis. Dr. Stevenson has previously held positions at BioRad Laboratories, Varian Associates, and Shell Development Company. He also serves as Separation Science Editor for American Laboratory, American Biotechnology Laboratory, and China Laboratory.

“I am very happy to join IO’s SAB. They have created a dynamic data integration environment that addresses the needs of the scientific researcher and truly allows us to pull knowledge from large amounts of disparate data and information generated by contemporary high-throughput data processing in biomedical research. Data is only as valuable as the knowledge we can harvest from it. The IO team has made impressive strides in developing tools that allow us to do just that. I am excited to have the opportunity to work with their team,” said Jack Collins.

Johann Bauer stated, “IO has created a very impressive data integration environment. They have already taken their technology and applications to an amazingly high level. Sentient fills the gap between data capture, collection and knowledge through its novel marriage of semantic methods and end user interfaces. It allows us, as researchers, to move from simply storing and retrieving information to obtaining and applying knowledge and insight. I am honored to have been asked to be on their SAB and look forward to advising them in their efforts to advance new ideas and technologies in this integral area.”

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