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It was announced today that IO Informatics (, the leader in applying Semantic technology to Healthcare and Life Sciences, and CardioSHARE,a Semantic Health And Research Environment applied to cardiovascular diseases utilizing “deep web” data (, have been chosen to give the Advanced Technology Keynote at the 2009 Annual ISCB Conference of Semantics Healthcare & Life Sciences. The conference will be held February 25-27 in Cambridge, MA. CSHALS 2009 focuses on ways to apply the Semantic Web to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. It will serve as a forum for the presentation and discussion of practical Semantics-based approaches to Drug R&D;, organized along specific topics and moderated to induce interactive discussions around sets of key questions. The conference is intended for anyone interested in understanding how best to apply intelligent “semantic” information technologies within Pharmaceutical and Healthcare R&D.;

Eric Neumann, Conference Chair of C-SHALS and President of Clinical Semantics Group, said ‘We are very happy to have IOI/CardioSHARE give this year’s Advanced Technology Keynote. As one of the founding sponsors of CSHALS (along with Merck and Pfizer), IOI is a software company at the forefront of applying Semantic Web methods and technology to life science informatics. Semantic applications, as exemplified by theirs, allow researchers to move beyond just capturing and querying data to the next level of creating and applying knowledge to help solve the challenges we all face in disease, diagnostic and therapeutic research. Their co-presentation will review the work they have done with Mark Wilkinson of CardioSHARE and present a practical application of Semantics in informatics".

“This year’s conference promises to be even more exciting than last year’s inaugural conference that took place in March 2008,” continued Neumann. “We will be moving beyond discussion to showcasing actual application with many of this year’s talks providing real-life, concrete examples of Semantics at work within R&D.; We are also honored to have as this years Keynote speakers: Tim Berners-Lee (Director – World Wide Web Consortium), Clark Golestani (Vice President, Information Technology Merck & Co., Inc.) and John Reynders (Vice-President and Chief Information Officer, Johnson & Johnson). They will be joined by a roster of speakers covering the spectrum of healthcare and pharmaceutical research, and discussing how Semantic technologies can best be utilized in order to optimize scientific research and discovery”.

"We are honored to have the opportunity to be again be involved in C-SHALS and to present the research we have been doing with Mark Wilkinson of CardioSHARE. Our co-presentation, The Semantic Automated Discovery and Integration (SADI) framework transparently exposes Web Service output as a Semantic Web resource, will cover the advances that we have achieved with Mark and his group. We will discuss how Sentient and SADI are used to integrate experimental statistical and formal mechanistic networks to efficiently reduce multiple ‘Omics datasets to qualified, practical biomarker patterns. A demonstration will show how semantic inference and controlled vocabularies support unified (“SPARQL”) querying and visualization using multiple, differently structured experimental and published data sources for a specific use case. This makes it possible to understand experimental data in the context of underlying published mechanisms, in order to weed out spurious data, generate hypotheses about experimental data and qualify potential biomarkers, among other benefits. This illustrates how Semantic software supports far more effective and flexible integration of commercial and “open” public resources, making it possible for researchers to create and apply knowledge using all relevant data. Semantic technology is a powerful tool towards better understanding of complex biological data. For both, the pharmaceutical industry and the medical community, it is vital to be able to have all relevant data easily searchable and usable in meaningful contexts. Looking at relationships between research, laboratory data and data from clinical observations provides the kind of knowledge required for intelligent drug design, predictive biology and personalized medicine. Through our new Working Group on Informatics in Personalized Medicine, we are investigating and identifying the best manner in which semantics can be applied to sharing of knowledge from the bench to the bedside and back again. The Working Group is made up of leaders in the field from the pharmaceutical industry and centers of excellence as well as the practicing physician level,” stated Dr. Erich Gombocz, CSO of IO Informatics.

C-SHALS takes place February 25-27, 2009 in Cambridge, MA. To register please go to:

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