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BERKELEY, CA - April 22, 2009.

IO Informatics, Inc. ( today announced the release of the latest version of its next generation informatics software, the Sentient Suite™ Knowledge Explorer 2.0. The new release will be showcased at the upcoming Cambridge Healthtech Bio ITWorld conference being held in Boston April 27-29, 2009.(

“We are very pleased with the latest version of the Sentient Knowledge Explorer. Version 2.0’s focus is to provide an environment for the scientific researcher to move beyond the traditional data integration application. This unique framework delivers the capability to create, build and apply knowledge. With this major differentiator, the researcher goes from “simply creating yet another data silo” to harvesting and applying knowledge to solve the many challenges drug discovery and healthcare are faced with today,” stated Erich Gombocz, CSO/VP of IO Informatics.

The core updates of the Sentient environment are within the Sentient Knowledge Explorer, the semantic framework for ontology management, data integration and knowledge applications. The Knowledge Explorer includes a proprietary RDF-centric Knowledgebase, tools for Cross-Ontology Mapping and for automated mapping of data to ontologies. In addition it takes advantage of visualized semantic SPARQL Queries that make it possible to easily “search by example”, an integrated Thesaurus Manager for data classes and relationships, and other features, such as network complexity reduction tools and the ability to handle and merge data from different semantic standards from files or directly via URIs into a common ontology. Additional highlights of Version 2.0 are:

  • A Plug-in API allowing third party application extensions
  • New inferencing functionality
  • Improved navigation
  • Support for 64-bit operating systems
  • Proxy server support
  • Text export of ontology and network information
  • Tighter integration with relational triple stores
  • Direct import of ontologies from public resources
  • “We are very excited to provide our customers and the Life Science R&D; community with a new generation knowledge framework. One that will allow them to build powerful and useful Applied Semantic Knowledgebases (ASK™) in such areas as predictive informatics for screening and early detection of compound toxicity, promiscuity and efficacy; target validation; cohort stratification for clinical trials and even for advanced personalized medicine applications that take molecular phenotypes and clinical symptoms as well as genomic variation into account. Based on our rapidly advancing work with customers, we feel our efforts will help realize the promises of Personalized Medicine at a much faster rate,” added Erich Gombocz.

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    About IO Informatics
    IOI is at the forefront of a global revolution in software for data integration and knowledge applications. Its Semantically-enabled SentientTM software suite allows life science, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical researchers to structure & define complex data relationships across data sources, view these relationships, query them, and capitalize on them - all within a secure, compliant, auditable framework that helps organizations accumulate and leverage knowledge. Founded in 2003, IO Informatics is headquartered in Berkeley, California (