Press Release


BERKELEY, CA – PRINCETON, NJ September 16, 2009

Dr. Erich Gombocz, Chief Science Officer of IO Informatics, will be speaking at the upcoming PCI Pharma “Advances towards Personalized Medicine” Conference, part of the 2009 Life Science Symposium being held September 29-30 in Princeton New Jersey Dr. Gombocz’s talk, “Changing decision-making in life sciences & personalized medicine: Applied Semantic Knowledgebases (ASK ) at work!” will present the latest developments from IO Informatics in the area of Knowledge Applications.

“We are very happy to have Dr. Gombocz as part of our distinguished panel of speakers. IO Informatics has been at the forefront of Life Science data integration and knowledge applications, and a number of the attendees of our past conferences suggested we contact them to see if they can come and share their latest advance, ASK (Applied Semantic Knowledgebase),” stated Dr. Rita Lim-Wilby of PCI Pharma.

Dr. Gombocz stated, “It is very exciting to have the opportunity to share IO Informatics’ advances in knowledge applications with the scientific and research community at this symposium. ASK provides knowledge that can be practically applied to solve many of the challenges researchers are faced with, to realize the promises of predictive biology and personalized medicine. It allows the scientist to move beyond traditional data capture and integration to realize practical value from the knowledge contained in their data. ASK gives them a decisive competitive advantage in many areas, such as biomarker-based predictive biology and personalized medicine – including but not limited to: target profile creation and validation, compound efficacy and promiscuity screening, toxicity profiling and detection, disease signature detection, predictive clinical trials pre-screening, and patient stratification. This technology transforms decision-making by making it possible to actively leverage previously disconnected data in context – thereby creating valuable knowledge that can be used to deliver a powerful set of applications for the life science industry and personalized medicine leading to informed decisions on complex biological responses.”


Building on advanced data access and integration capabilities, Sentient applies semantic patterns to create predictive network models using virtually any combination of internal experimental data and / or external published information. These patterns apply semantic SPARQL query technology to build complex searches across multiple information sets. SPARQL is a semantic search technology capable of detecting patterns within and between different data types and relationships, even if the initial datasets are not formally joined under any common database schema or data federation method. Such patterns or models are then placed in an Applied Semantic Knowledgebase (ASK) which is unique to a specific research focus, providing a collection of specific models applicable to screening and decision making. Such applications include target profile creation and validation, compound efficacy and promiscuity screening, toxicity profiling and detection, disease signatures, predictive clinical trials pre-screening, and patient stratification.


IOI is at the forefront of a global revolution in data integration and knowledge application. IOI’s semantically-enabled SentientTM software suite allows life science, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical researchers to define complex data relationships across sources, search & explore these relationships, and capture & apply resulting hypotheses and knowledge. The result: your own resource for applied predictive models - delivering previously unrealized return on your translational research and personalized medicine investments.


Dr. Erich Gombocz has over 25 years of experience in Life Science research, laboratory automation and data management in scientific and distributed systems environments, plus more than 20 years programming experience in instrumentation control, user interface, database design, scientific analysis, and on-line laboratory automation as well as being developer of innovative software algorithms and architecture. Focusing on semantic data integration and knowledge management in life sciences, he founded IO Informatics in 2003 together with Bob Stanley to apply systems biology approaches to challenges in the area of pharmaceutical and clinical decision-making. Dr. Gombocz has published over 60 scientific publications and holds currently more than 40 biotechnology- and software-related US and international patents. He is an international expert in separation science and bioinformatics, a member of several professional organizations, and serves on the editorial board of a number of scientific journals.


PCI Pharma, a division of PlanetConnect, in the business of producing internal proprietary life science events for Merck, Johnson & Johnson, BMS and other large Pharma. PCI Pharma also hosts external multi-Pharma/Biotech events and user groups throughout the U.S.