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BERKELEY, CA, ST. LOUIS, MO September 14, 2007 — IO Informatics, Inc. (“IOI”) and Partek announced today the renewal of the partnership that originally began in 2005. The goal is to provide a robust environment for data integration and analysis for the scientific community worldwide.

“Our collaboration with Partek has been very successful, and we are pleased to announce the renewal of the relationship. Working together, we are providing our customers with a seamless data management, query, analysis and visualization environment - that allows them to focus on their research and obtain their goals,” stated Bob Stanley, CEO of IO Informatics.

IOI is the developer and marketer of the Sentient Suite of data integration applications for Life Sciences. IOI’s Sentient Suite facilitates collaboration among multidisciplinary researchers by providing a system for data integration that allows users to manage, search, view, annotate, link and share research data without programming or computer science expertise. These capabilities solve data sharing and integration challenges so that users can focus on the insights gained from their information. IO Informatics has garnered much attention lately in regard to its work in the area of data integration for Translational Medicine/Biomarker research. Through their joint venture partnership with Clinical Data, Inc. (“CLDA”), IOI has developed and commercialized their Sentient system as part of the largest bioinformatics-oriented NIST Advanced Technology Program grant to date (Award # 70NANB2H3009). The grant’s mandate is to investigate and develop new methods of data integration for these areas of Life Science research.

Partek is the developer of the Partek Genomics Suite™ (Partek GS), software that provides powerful statistical analysis integrated with interactive data visualization and is designed to efficiently process large volumes of high-dimensional genomic/proteomic data. Partek GS can analyze gene expression, exon alternative splicing, chromosomal copy number, genome-wide SNP, and ChIP-chip regulation data in one complete solution.

Jonas Almeida of MD Anderson said, “I am excited about the opportunity to interact with IOI and the other members of the group. The mandate of the group, to advance the state of semantic software technology – specifically to help us solve critical issues in our space - is critical to the understanding and growth of Semantic applications. Here at MD Anderson, we have been doing a lot of work in the semantic software area, particularly in the areas of cancer disease modeling and creation of a focused semantic database. We look forward to contributing to and benefiting from our participation in the IOI Working Group”.

DJ Meyer, Vice-President of Partek, said, “We’ve appreciated our partnership with IOI as they have continued to evolve their data integration environment for Life Science researchers, and we are happy to be an active partner with them as their company continues to expand, especially in the area of translational medicine and biomarker research.”

The renewal of the partnership is intended to continue to provide common customers with a seamless environment that takes advantage of the strengths of both companies. Users are able to easily open information from the Sentient Suite within the Partek GS, perform analysis, and bring the results back into the knowledge-building environment of Sentient.

About Partek
Partek Incorporated is a leading provider of statistical analysis and interactive data visualization software for the scientific research community. Partek software enables researchers to quickly identify and quantify patterns in data, including data resulting from genomic and proteomic studies, high-throughput screening campaigns, and computer aided drug design. Founded in 1993, Partek is located in St. Louis, Missouri. For more information, please visit the web site at

About IO Informatics
IO Informatics is at the forefront of a global revolution in software methods for data integration. IO Informatics’ Sentient suite of software products enables biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical and other life science researchers to structure and define complex data relationships, view these relationships, query them, and capitalize on them — all within a secure, compliant, auditable framework that helps organizations accumulate and leverage knowledge.

Founded in 2003, IO Informatics has recently moved to new offices in Berkeley, California.