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BERKELEY, CA - June 7, 2011

IO Informatics, award-winning informatics software provider, today announced a program to provide free access to its product, Knowledge Explorer – Personal Edition. This offers what the company believes to be the best semantic data integration technology, coupled with one of the most innovative user-interfaces available on the market.

Chuck Rockey, IO Informatics’ Sr. Director of Engineering and Services states, “The objective of this new program is to help our peers meet their pressing data integration needs far more easily. Our goal is to improve data interoperability and remove barriers to innovation by providing free access to software that makes previously complex data integration tasks easy and that makes multifaceted data relationships visually obvious.”

“A critical component of our effort is market education,” said Kashef Qaadri, Director of Business Development, IO Informatics. “Not only are we providing free software, but we are helping researchers, information technology managers, and informatics experts learn that they can optimize their goals and their end users’ objectives without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and months of wasted time on integration tasks.”

The Knowledge Explorer – Personal Edition is powerful enough to serve as a foundation for integration experts to integrate complex data de novo. However, this free application is easy enough to use that it significantly reduces the barrier to entry, time and effort required to create effective integrations, and to modify the integration as needed. Using this tool, data can be meaningfully connected in minutes.

“The Knowledge Explorer offers rapid, agile, data integration, resulting in well formed data sets using the World Wide Web Consortium standard for interoperability” said Mark Musen, principal investigator of the National Center for Biomedical Ontology (NCBO). “As our understanding of biology becomes increasing complex, researchers need more effective and accessible integration tools to harness the potential of existing internal and external data. The Knowledge Explorer has the integration functionality that workers both in informatics and in the life sciences require to pull their data together. Because the Knowledge Explorer applies semantic integration standards, it also offers easy access to resources using the same global framework for interoperability that we make available at the NCBO.” The Knowledge Explorer includes a graphically-rich visual interface for integration, visualization and querying. IO Informatics also provides a collection of preconfigured resources, including published information about pathways, drugs, diseases, and side-effects, as well as integration templates and ontologies. The Knowledge Explorer makes it possible for anyone familiar with basic data modeling and integration concepts to integrate disparate data, add new data, and uncover hidden relationships in real time, all in one application.

“Experts in data intensive industries have not been able to easily integrate and visualize multiple data sources using traditional technologies,” said Robert Stanley, President at IO Informatics. “IO is committed to removing this data integration barrier, in order to deliver transformational knowledge applications far more efficiently.”

“We believe free access to this technology represents a true paradigm shift for the industry. There is absolutely no software in the marketplace that can offer this combination of ease of use, flexibility and power to connect data more rapidly to solve a variety of research and business problems.” To add value to users’ integration efforts, IO Informatics will continue adding published data resources on the company website. These resources can be utilized within the Knowledge Explorer to enrich user-driven integrations with well formed public content.


IO is at the forefront of the semantic technology wave. The Company provides software and services for uniquely efficient data integration and transformative knowledge applications in life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical environments.

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Kashef Qaadri
Director of Business Development
IO Informatics