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BERKELEY, CA – November 8, 2012

IO Informatics, the leader in semantic data integration and knowledge management for life sciences and healthcare, announced today it has launched its Sentient iDA in cooperation with Sage-N Research, Inc., the inventor of Integrated Data Appliance (iDA) systems.

As the result of a partnership announced March 2012, a new line of iDA products and services will be released, forming plug-and-play, end-to-end solutions for researchers to integrate, discover, and visualize experimental data and information from public resources.

The new Sentient product provides data resources and analytical tools that are pre-loaded onto the Sage-N Research iDA. This collaboration will provide an intuitive interface to enrich internal data with semantically integrated public reference resources, including UniProt, Diseasome, Drugbank, SIDER, and STITCH.

Sage-N Research will leverage their plug-and-play expertise to ensure researchers will be up and running straight out of the box. Additionally, the new product offering will provide 100% of the maintenance and offers server class reliability.

IO Informatics’ knowledge application will allow researchers to load, enrich, and examine their data, and then quickly interrogate it, using an easily extended set of public reference resources. The pairing of the Sage-N Research integration solutions and IO Informatics’ integration and analysis capabilities will offer researchers an unprecedented solution for the discovery, analysis, and visualization of public resources and experimental data.

Robert Stanley, President and CEO of IO Informatics reported, “IO’s Sentient Integrated Data Appliance (iDA) product is a powerful tool for the life-science research community. We are pleased to partner with Sage-N Research to provide plug-and-play capabilities and content to ease the IT burden and lower the barrier to entry for utilizing important reference resources.”

David Chiang, CEO of Sage-N Research, commented, “Our iDAs are known for their integration, reliability and ease of use. We are delighted to be able to work with IO Informatics to help researchers work with unrelated, disparate data and information and turn it into real, actionable, knowledge.”

Sage-N Research and IO Informatics will be showcasing the new Integrated Data Appliance (iDA) product at the International Plant & Animal Genome XXI Conference in San Diego, CA.


IO is at the forefront of the semantic technology wave. The Company provides software and services for uniquely efficient data integration and transformative knowledge applications in life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical environments.

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Sage-N Research, Inc. is the world leader in supplying Integrated Data Appliances (IDAs) for proteomics research. The industry-leading SORCERER IDAs are plug-and play productivity systems used by leading life science researchers worldwide to rapidly and accurately identify proteins and protein modifications in biological samples using mass spectrometry data. Founded in 2002, the company is a privately held corporation headquartered in San Jose, California in the heart of Silicon Valley. Through strategic collaborations with leading scientists and companies, Sage-N Research advances the state of the art in ease-of-use, applications, and technology to enable world-changing discoveries in biology and medicine.

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