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Latest presentations and keynote talks relate evidence of progress for successful adoption of semantic technologies in life sciences.

BERKELEY, CA – April 9, 2013

Dr. Erich Gombocz, IO Informatics’ Chief Science Officer, will present at this year’s Bio-IT World from April 9-11 a poster entitled Linked Open Data to Qualify, Enrich and Validate Experiments: The Semantic Approach to Integrated Data is Bearing Fruits”. The presentation outlines advances in the development of using standards-compliant Linked Open Data (LOD) to enrich, qualify and validate experimental data.

Under its 2013 motto, “Enabling Technology. Leveraging Data. Transforming Medicine.”, the annual Bio-IT World Conference has established itself since its debut in 2002 as a premier event. Bio-IT World showcases new informatics applications to biomedical research and the drug discovery enterprise.

“IO Informatics has been presenting advances in semantic data integration and use of systems biological understanding to answer complex questions in Pharma, government and healthcare at Bio-IT World for many years“, Robert Stanley, President and CEO of IO Informatics noted. “Seeing progress in moving the field from proof-of-concept to pilot to production, with resulting economic benefits, is very encouraging. Contributions from standards bodies like W3C, Pistoia Alliance, Stanford’s National Center for Biomedical Ontologies (NCBO) and recommendations from IO Informatics Working Groups and Scientific Advisory Board members have all proven extremely valuable in this transition,” he added.

Following Bio-IT World, Dr. Gombocz will present at Stanford’s NCBO’s Webinar Series on April 17. This talk, “On the road to production: Semantic integration cases indicate successful adoption to improve knowledge-based decisions in Pharma and healthcare” will report on several successful use cases in industry, government and research clinics, which are the best testimonials for increased acceptance of semantic data integration techniques across life sciences. “Being invited to present at NCBO’s prestigious webinar series is a great honor. The examples I will present are indicative of substantial progress made in practical applications of semantic technologies - not at least through efforts from NCBO’s Bioportal ontology development and many other groups within the semantic community - to make data more interoperable and to enhance provenance, resource stability and availability”, he stated.

Dr. Gombocz will also talk at Semtech 2013 in San Francisco in June and will present this year’s Keynote at the 9th International Conference on Data Integration in the Life Sciences (DILS 2013) as part of the Semantic Trilogy conferences in Montreal, Canada in July.


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