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New KE Reduces Barriers to Create Interoperable and Meaningfully Linked Big Data sets for Healthcare and Life Sciences

BERKELEY, CA - April 6, 2015

IO Informatics (IOI) today announced the release of Sentient Knowledge Explorer 5.1, with significant improvements to IO Informatics' industry-leading semantic data integration and knowledge management software for healthcare and life sciences. New capabilities have been added to both KE PRO and KE Personal Edition.

"IOI is pleased to provide our customers with functionality that translates directly into more efficient, more effective and more interoperable integration of complex Big Data sources (both internal and public). Meaningful data curation and integration represents a major bottleneck that we've addressed. This is a crucial step that has historically been a stumbling block to making data-driven discoveries." stated Robert Stanley, IO Informatics' CEO.

Dr. Jose Cruz-Toledo added, "With the new KE, users are able to more easily create RDF datasets that usefully represent a domain of interest quickly and in an interoperable and extensible manner. One of the significant challenges of data integration lies in exposing and applying the implicit semantics that are encoded in files and databases. KE dramatically reduces this barrier to integration by creating and connecting implicit, query and data-driven semantics using ontologies to more rapidly achieve useful integrations that show long-term value."

New Features for KE Personal and KE PRO Editions include the following:

  • New ways to save data
    • Decide what to save - Data, Layout only or both
    • Save as TTL, NT, N3, RDF file formats
  • Improved ontology import interface via web service from NCBO BioPortal
    • Additional info about ontology type (OWL, OBO, UMLS)
    • Filters for ontology selection by category, group or via text search
  • Performance improvements on large layouts
  • HTTPS proxy server support

Bill Hayden, Sr. Director of Global Business Development stated "IOI's Sentient semantic software technology is actively solving major integration problems at leading pharmaceutical companies, research foundations and healthcare providers. Our focus on providing the best integration and search capabilities has resulted in substantial benefits - ask about our many case studies! We're particularly proud to hear from our customers that our products provide the most effective semantically enabled data curation and integration methods on the market today."

Core features of the KE include:

  • Graphical and machine inference-enabled creation of well-formed Linked Data from various sources of data (TSV, CSV, XLS)
  • Support for various Linked Data documents syntax (NT, TTL, RDF, OWL and OBO)
  • Feature-rich graphical based creation of SPARQL queries
  • Import Ontologies directly from NCBO's Bioportal / web services
  • Query NCBI resources directly from your Linked Data
  • Command line interface for embedding RDF creation in your own programs or workflows
  • Connect directly to publicly available SPARQL endpoints
  • Support for latest versions of major server side Triplestores (KE PRO only), including Openlink's Virtuoso, Franz's Allegrograph and Oracle's Spatial and Graph

We invite those not already familiar with the KE PRO, to try the KE Personal Edition. Though it does not contain the full functionality of the KE PRO, it allows researchers throughout the HCLS community to try out our technology free-of-charge through a simple download, to learn how Sentient technology can help achieve research goals more efficiently.

The Sentient Knowledge Explorer - Personal Edition is available for HCLS data scientists free-of-charge, at


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