Sentient 2DE Analysis Suite

Two-Dimensional Electrophoresis (2DE) Analysis Suite - available as a separate product

The Sentient 2DE Suite, designed for basic Life Science and Proteomics-focused research, works together with Sentient Suite. This high-end 2-dimensional gel electrophoresis ("2DE") analytical application provides State-of-the-art analysis.

"IO Informatics' new 2-DE software suite provides enormous value to the scientific community. The integrated object-based desktop environment allows me to manage my entire workflow including linking all related experiments and procedures and to make my work accessible for real-time collaborations with international colleagues.

Spot detection and abundance mapping are very fast and accurate and on par with other products on the market. I particularly like the software’s unique ability to compare gels of different sizes, stains, and image formats. In fact, the workspace concept allows me to match histological slides and various other image types as well as gel images.

Above: Protein expression abundance for target proteins is visualized in a normalized fashion across sets of gels. Color-coded spot contours make it easy to find even minute changes among thousands of proteins per gel.

One feature that sets IO Informatics’ software apart is the seamless integration of its analysis package with its database processing functions. Simple point-&-click querying right off of calibrated images retrieves information from over 120 public scientific, medical, regulatory, patent, and literature databases without the need to export data to a separate program. This is a tremendous advantage in relating image data to biological information."

David Garfin, Ph.D.
President, American Electrophoresis Society

The Sentient 2DE Suite provides:

  • State-of-the-art analysis
  • Automated, normalized, spot mapping on gel sets (even from different experimental techniques and gel sizes).
  • Raw data integrity at all times. (The Protein expression information from a variety of image formats can be used as raw data sources in a local or network-integrated environment.)
  • Automated data normalization
  • Multiple analytical features
  • Active linking of previously inaccessible 2DE and related data.



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Sentient 2DE Analysis Suite Provides State-of- the-Art Analysis