Sentient Integrated Data Appliance (iDA)

Plug-&-Play Systems Biology

Why Integrated Data Applicance (iDA)?

An integrated data appliance (iDA) preloaded with semantically integrated sets of public knowledgebases provides an enterprise-ready “Knowledge In-a-Box” solution for Life Sciences and Systems Biology-related translational research without the IT and data integration-related challenges. No worries about issues arising from alignment of diverse public and experimental corporate standards, from inconsistent URI policies, and from the use of internal, non-formal application ontologies. No reliability issues on resource services, endpoint uptimes or URI persistence - all pre-configured and ready to use in a single box.

Content Specifications

Pre-installed Sentient Components and Database

  • Sentient Web Query for up to 5 users (more user licenses optional)
  • Sentient Knowledge Explorer, Professional Edition
  • Virtuoso Semantic Database
  • Pre-Configured Public Knowledgebases
    Periodic updates, provenance and versioning

  • Proteomics (UniProt, NCBI BioSystems)
  • Metabolomics* (*requires separate licensing)
  • Drugs, Side Effects, Interactions, Targets and Diseases (DrugBank, SIDER, Diseasome)
  • Pathogens (PATRIC, MIST, VIDA)

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    Hardware Specifications

    Appliance Box
    Fujitsu TX300S7

  • Cool-safe® Technology for ultra-reliable 24/7 operation
  • 2 CPU,Intel Xeon E5-2660 8C/16T 2.20 GHz
  • 64GB RAM
  • 6 SATA harddrives, 7.2k rpm, 2TB, RAID-5 redundant data archiving
  • Network: Dual port 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • DVD-RW optical drive; USB port
  • Case dimensions (H×W×D): 18.6”×7.0”×30.3”
  • Dimensions in stand: 19.0”×11.3”×30.5”
  • Power: dual cable 100/240V autosensing
  • GEMYNI Platform runs Redhat Enterprise Linux 5 OS, multiple Windows 7 desktops and IIS in one system

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    The Sentient Platform adds significant value in any data-intensive industry that needs to reduce the time and cost of product discovery, development and marketing.