Sentient Products Overview

IO Informatics’ tools apply innovative semantic technology to integrate heterogeneous data in context, solving common knowledge and project management problems.

The Sentient Suite (“Sentient”) allows non-IT users (researchers and subject matter experts) as well as IT experts to integrate data from multiple sources (files, instruments, databases, public sources) without creating new, static and inflexible data silos. Utilize data from multiple sources regardless of format and location using existing hardware and IT infrastructure, all in a secure, compliant and interoperable environment. Draw from public and private data, instruments, applications, and ontologies in order to combine and contextualize data in a meaningful way to create innovative custom knowledgebases. Visually access, explore, interrogate, report, and query your data to uncover hidden relationships and stimulate innovation. Accelerate discovery and share knowledge and insight with fellow researchers.

The Sentient Suite can help save time, money, and lives; an audacious statement for a bold product suite.

Save Time: One customer site was able to usefully integrate multiple databases and deploy several new applications in less than 6 weeks, where traditional technologies projected 4 to 6 months to do the same.

Save Money: Another customer site is using Sentient to combine data from disparate systems in order to discover universal biomarkers. These biomarkers, which will be applicable to several species, will reduce the need for animal testing, thus significantly decreasing cost.

Save Lives: Another group of customers are discovering and applying multiple “combinatorial” biomarkers to help determine patients at risk of organ failure. By using Sentient to combine several data types, carry out advanced research, and screen multiple data sources for patterns indicating patient status at a molecular level, clinicians will save lives.

Sentient Products:

Knowledge Explorer

  • Semantically-enhanced data integration of knowledge sources
  • Import, edit and merge ontologies
  • Data integration from virtually any source into a standards-based semantic format (RDF, N3, NT, RNEF, PSI-ML, OWL)
  • Find hidden relationships in data sets and create new, unified knowledge bases
  • Create visual network queries and refine network models iteratively
  • Web Query

  • Web-based search of any relational or semantic database, web service or Sentient data store
  • Data and metadata search, review and audit capabilities
  • Data interaction with analytical applications
  • Export results to Excel, Text, HTML, XML, or Sentient Knowledge Explorer
  • Applied Semantic Knowledgebase (ASK)

  • Enterprise Knowledge Application
  • Visualization, Testing, Validation of Systems-oriented Hypotheses
  • Automation, Dashboards
  • Apply your Knowledge!
  • Data Management, Process Management & Image Interaction

  • Customizable pipelines automate data import and management
  • Link directly to instruments and applications
  • Integrate and explore high content images
  • Automate data update management, de-identification, provenance, etc.
  • Set alerts for new data available, unexpected data, etc.
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    How It Works

    Most data is defined by the characteristics and formats of the constraining container (e.g. data-base) in which it resides. The data is passive.

    Sentient technology makes data active by integrating several patented innovations.

    The result is an entirely new way of using information.