Sentient Image Interactor

The Sentient Image Interactor is an integrated desktop application for analytical and descriptive interaction with virutally any image. It enables users to structure, annotate and link virtually any image type without programming from within a uniform point-and-click / drag-and-drop interface. Images can be preprocessed and processed while maintaning the integrity of the original, providing an audit trail and replayable processing history.

The Sentient Image Interactor:

  • Interact analytically and descriptive with virtually any type of image
  • Browse images and search metadata or by image type
  • Pre-process, process, annotate and define workspaces while maintaining original integrity
  • Compare images of different sizes and dynamic ranges
  • Audited and re-playable processing history
  • Create publication-quality printouts with or without overlays
Detailed view in Sentient Image Interactor: In this example, reference images are browsed aside the current images, in which workspace characteristics are reviewed as histograms.

Close inspection of over-saturated EM images: Saturated pixels are shown in red, rotatable 3d-views of workspaces reveal all details.


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