Sentient Knowledge Explorer

The Sentient Knowledge Explorer uses the power of semantic technologies to easily integrate data from virtually any source into coherent, unified knowledge bases.

This feature-rich product permits thesauri and ontology import, creation, management, and sharing using a visual, point-and-click interface. Its functionality combined with a flexible, standards based data model, enables users to rapidly integrate new datasets as needed. Users can also create rich semantic queries directly from visual representations of the integrated data.

In addition to its core integration capabilities, the Knowledge Explorer provides visualization and filtering capabilities that improve user understanding of data and relationships and data driven research, reporting, and decision-making possible.

The Knowledge Explorer makes it possible to discover hidden relationships and patterns from previously disconnected datasets, by creating rich semantic queries directly from visual networks. The Knowledge Explorer facilitates integrated knowledge management, hypothesis generation and discovery where data integration and exploitation is integral to furthering insight.

The Knowledge Explorer accelerates research and discovery through integrating multiple data sources, uncovering hidden relationships in datasets, generating and validating hypotheses, and sharing novel insights.

Sentient Knowledge Explorer: In this example, genomic and metabolomic biomarkers that are significantly affected by more than one experimental treatment can be easily identified and biologically validated.

Customer Use Case - Chief Science Officer; Informatics Director; Research Director

“I needed to be able review my scientists’ data in context and explore their functional relationships. I needed to enhance my knowledgebase using both internal and public data sources to refine and validate our research.”

  • With the Knowledge Explorer, my researchers can now create associative networks with functional relationships from their own data and can drill directly out to experimental and analyzed information, and can merge this information with public domain knowledge from valuable public sources such as Entrez, KEGG, and PubMed.
  • With the Knowledge Explorer, my researchers can use their own expertise to add new data and discover relationships pertinent to disease and toxicity models.


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