Sentient Process Manager

The Sentient Process Manager connects data directly to the processes and workflows for human and automation-based activities alike.

The Process Manager provides customizable dashboard views and visibility based on existing user profiles. This tool enables organizations to manage complex projects and processes with real-time tracking and alerts and automate workflows with minimal programming.

Using a drag and drop configuration, integrate various workflows and their related data, across groups, processes, and their related laboratory information management systems, databases, and file directories.

The Sentient Process Manager:

  • Web-based workflow engine
  • Manage automated and human activities from a single location
  • Drag & Drop configuration
  • Automatic notification of task status
  • Provides managers a clear overview of current workflows
Detailed view in Sentient Process Manager: In this example, activities in a specific workflow are reviewed and analyzed for efficiency and bottlenecks.

High level status in Sentient Process Manager: In this example, a dashboard provides the department head the project status on all concurrent workflows.

Example use case - Chief Financial Officer; Client Services Director; Project Manager

I need the ability to review tasks and process status across the departments from a web page. I need my team to get their tasks assigned automatically.

  • Financial and Client Services users are able to track cost and time for projects that occur across gene, protein and toxicity research groups improving billing justification and saving several days each month previously spent for cost reconciliation.
  • Project Manager users are able to identify (and address!) cost over-runs or delays as they occur identifying and significantly reducing project bottlenecks.
  • Researchers and technicians are alerted and guided regarding overlapping, interdependent tasks in the pipeline significantly improving project efficiency and reducing project completion times by several days / month.


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