Sentient Form Query

Form Query, included in Sentient Suite, is an easy-to-use form-based profiler that enables selective queries and audited reports across disparate data sources. Reports can be saved, linked to source data, and mined for value.

For instance, scientists looking at gene expression can link to structural chemistry and even clinical data. Integration on a single platform breaks down barriers between different groups, different data, and different methods of analysis. It allows researchers to ask questions and link previous results directly into their current analysis.

This easy-to-use, cost-effective query product searches databases and relational data of different formats, using fields and terms defined by users. Audited reports can be linked to source data and mined for value.

Form Query Features Include:

  • Query any combination of local and remote relational databases from a single interface.
  • Install and run from a laptop or PC without middleware installation or standards requirements.
  • Sentient Query methods, including methods to define and query unified fields from multiple data sources



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