Sentient Online Web Query

Sentient Online Web Query is a fast, convenient research tool enabling easy query preparation to over 100 pre-selected scientific web databases.

  • Prepare query once for any combination of over 100 web databases, representing a comprehensive data domain.
  • Query directly from any web browser without installation and without requiring plug-ins.
  • Save, reload and modify your queries and keep track of your modifications online.
  • Get database submissions sorted by relevancy - be informed, which database handles which term, and get the results from the one with the most matching terms first.
  • Save the reports, link to source data, and mine for value
  • For instance, to search for GABA (the amino acid) on Google returns 665,000 hits. The Sentient Online Web Query with a pre-selected specific discipline goes directly to the data, and returns 8 relevant sets of information.

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