Business Solutions

Data Mining and Integration
The ability to manage and mine data relevant to the business side of your scientific organization is widely recognized as an important competitive advantage. Systems for handling business data are in place in most mid-to-large companies. However, harvesting full value requires more effective extraction and application of knowledge from the collected data.

Key business roles, from Senior Management to Inventory and Sample Handling, are often disconnected from critical data and processes. Even analysts are frequently unable to effectively query related, yet isolated data silos or to tap into research or business processes in order to make informed business decisions. The Sentient Suite of software products provides data management, mining and other tools that automate the discovery of critical relationships and patterns in raw data. Sentient software can deliver unmatched query and data merging capabilities to Analysts, and can also drive process management and automated decision support systems.

Business Analysis
IO Informatics’ Sentient software products make internal and external data sources directly available for analysis, and at the same time keep original data intact and secure. The result is better analysis and management of corporate data assets.

General Business Solutions
The IO Informatics Sentient products are applicable to any heterogeneous data and applications environment where data access, exchange, processing and querying is required across database structures, formats, or file definitions. They provide dynamic relationships between such data, with functional dependencies easily discovered, tested, and kept.

Ask Us How
Contact us for more information about how we have tied Sentient Systems into business data and processes, to deliver advanced business solutions to our Life Sciences customers!

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