Healthcare Solutions

IO Informatics enables the healthcare industry to expand beyond initial scientific data management and informatics and move towards knowledge management and decision support from bench to bedside. By integrating and distributing clinical, laboratory, instrument, prescription, efficacy and other relevant data, IO Informatics’ products deliver value and capture revenue by brokering data exchange with third-party payers, government and credentialing organizations, pharmaceutical companies and HMOs, to improve treatment quality at the point-of-care with improved efficiency and oversight. Applications in this market include evidence-based medicine, epidemiology, bio-security, clinical trials and individualized patient care.

Industry leaders recognize the need to move to integrated IT to improve quality, efficiency, and oversight in healthcare. For example, software that meets Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations will be crucial manage data to allow controlled access, exchange or query. IO Informatics technology uniquely addresses such demanding data exchange requirements with reduced customer effort for increased ROI.

IO Informatics’ software enables physicians and other organizations (HMOs, universities, governmental funding agencies, and public health agencies) to securely and appropriately share data in real-time, without new computers, data warehousing, standards headaches, middleware or web-services installation. Local, state, and national security benefits by monitoring clinical, biological, and molecular data, enabling rapid response to public health threats.

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