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Today life sciences industries face unprecedented demands to reduce clinical and administrative costs, manage data from myriad sources, and improve team productivity. It is vital to the success of any life-science organization to improve efficiency and cost containment.

Harnessing the explosion of data is a constant challenge for life sciences organizations. In an ever-changing environment, locating and accessing information can consume a vast amount of resources.

The increasing number of failures in the early stages of drug development is causing a bottleneck that threatens drug makers' efforts to rebuild their inventory of new drugs, according to a top Wyeth official. "Success rates in Phase II studies have fallen from 40% to 25% in just five years, while the time it takes for the studies to reach their conclusions has doubled to almost three years since 2000."

Sentient solutions for life sciences optimize the flow of data, enabling organizations to track life-cycle information from early-stage data acquisition and R&D right through to FDA submission.

"The Sentient Suite expedites our biomarker discovery, creating the ability to raise the visibility of proteins of interest and to find and link them to related information"

Using Sentient software, users can dramatically improve efficiency through integrated data analysis. Users can search, link, correlate, and manipulate data sets, including scientific data, images, databases, spreadsheets, web content, proprietary video, and file formats.

In contrast to most current data integration methods, Sentient solutions minimize disruption of existing infrastructure, use existing infrastructures, and can be installed on standard laptop computers.

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