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This page contains resources to help you get the most out of your Sentient products and to facilitate immediate benefits for your research.

Sentient Knowledge Explorer Tutorial [.pdf, ~ 2 MB]
Please note that all datasets required for the tutorial are already installed with your Sentient Knowledge Explorer - Personal Edition.

Datasets for Sentient Knowledge Explorer Tutorial
If you are using Sentient Knowledge Explorer - Professional Edition, you find the datasets used in the tutorial examples below. These datasets are provided in compressed form as 2 separate ZIP files as they will extract in different locations on your installed Sentient Knowledge Explorer - Professional Edition. You will need to download and extract both files for your tutorial.

  • File 1: Save the file below, and extract its content into the Sample Data folder (typically at: 'C:\Program Files\IO Informatics\Sentient Knowledge Explorer\Sample Data')
    Sentient Knowledge Explorer Additional Sample Data [.zip, ~ 0.4 MB]
  • File 2: Save the file below, and extract its content into the Icons folder (typically at: 'C:\Program Files\IO Informatics\Sentient
    Knowledge Explorer\Icons'
    Sentient Knowledge Explorer Additional Icons [.zip, ~ 0.6 MB]
  • SPARQL Endpoint List [.xlsx, ~ 22 kB] - last update: Nov.2013
    This list contains currently over 40 reliable SPARQL endpoints and will be updated periodically. Please be aware that SPARQL endpoints are changing frequently, so certain URLs may not resolve even in-between list updates. If you discover such an endpoint, IO Informatics would appreciate notification by email to correct the URL.

    When using linked data, you are required to exercise responsibility for compliance with all restrictions and/or licensing requirements for their academic or commercial use. IO Informatics provides this information as service to you 'as is' to list access URLs only and is not responsible for use in end user environments. By using those resources, you agree to comply with all regulations.

    Important Web Resources

  • National Center for Biomedical Ontology (NCBO) BioPortal
  • The Open Biological and Biomedical Ontologies (OBO)
  • Ontology Lookup Service (OLS), EMBL-EBI
  • W3C Semantic Web Use Cases and Case Studies

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